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January 04, 2011


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Sean Moynihan

I recently took a 7 day cruise to celebrate a milestone birthday. There was one memeber of the staff who consistently went above and beyond normal customer service. On the final night of the cruise I wrote a note that I turned into the front desk mentioning him by name and how if the ship had more employees like him they would have no competition in their industry. After returning home, I sent an email to customer service restating the importance of this employee. To your point about twice blessed, I received a call from the employee a week later thanking me for my note and telling me that he was promoted to the penthouse suites as a result.

After a year of dealing with poor customer service in many different situations it appears great customer service has become a rarity instead of the norm.

With sincere respect,
Sean Moynihan
former soccer coach of the Patterson girls and now disgruntled customer of corporate America)

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